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Miami Marlins Park (LoanDepot Park)

Cooper-General provided a turn-key solution for a fraction of the cost of our nearest competitor.  The Marlins were ecstatic, the First Responders got what they needed, and we made opening day with time to spare.

When the Miami Marlins needed a Public Safety DAS system, Cooper-General got the call.

Our competitors saw a huge ballpark with a bigger opportunity, and they went for the brass ring DAS-style, proposing some 212 antennas at a price well over one million dollars.

Cooper-General has a process for developing DAS designs.  The first step in a Public Safety system is to review the requirements from the AHJ’s (agencies having jurisdiction) over any location.

In this instance, both the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County First Responders share support at this $600M facility.  We spoke with both jurisdictions directly and over a series of meetings we established specific police and fire requirements for coverage and backup power, working with them directly.

We’ve been supporting both the City and County directly for over 30 years, and it’s always great to go into a room full of colleagues looking forward to working with us.  Together we worked collaboratively and planned an optimized solution, where the AHJ’s established their requirements and we presented design options in a round table iterative fashion.

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