Project Description

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When Miami-Dade County needed a new radio system, Cooper General got the call.

We worked for many years with County officials and Harris Corporation to specify and deploy one of the largest, busiest radio systems in the world.

Harris_Corporation_Logo.svgCooper General provided all touch-labor, programming, and system engineering and diagnostic support as the Harris Network Solutions Provider.  Our team turned every bolt, crimped every connector, and blasted every bit in over 31,000 radios, dozens of dispatch console, and hundred of repeaters, routers, switches, and all the accoutrements.

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The size of this project required a unique approach to schedule and logistical management.

Cooper General developed a comprehensive enterprise-level asset management and programming system that fully automated error-prone operations.big data

In fact, of the 50,000+ programming actions we performed, there were no typographical errors whatsoever.  This is in stark contrast to the entire industry which figures a 2-to-5% rework rate.

Good, Fast, Cheap: we did it all, on time, in budget, and beyond expectation.

If you need single radio or a super system, you can Count on Cooper General