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Bay House Miami Residences

When Martin Melo needed a Certificate of Occupancy for his flagship Bay House Miami Residences project, he turned to Cooper-General. We delivered on time, in budget, and beyond expectations.

Bay House is a 35 story upscale condominium located on Biscayne Bay just North of downtown. Like all commercial structures in the City of Miami, Bay House requires adequate Public Safety RF coverage. When a CO was denied because the building didn’t meet this requirement, a $110M project was brought to its financial knees.


This project was perfect for Cooper-General. We had several other BDA jobs under design, and we were able to convince the factory to expedite the delivery of a signal booster. With all the other necessary materials already in stock, the Cooper-General Team worked closely with Tropical Fire & Security to survey the site, propose a design, and expedite an order.

Because Bay House was still under construction and had trades still engaged, this was an ideal opportunity for our Parts & Smarts program. We were able to offer a lower price and expedited delivery. Cooper-General acted as the system designer, permits were applied for by the existing Low and High-voltage electrical contractors, and the Melo team coordinated the subs.

The signal booster and RF components arrived on a Monday. The conduit, cables, and antennas were already installed and buzzed out. On Tuesday our technicians installed the Booster and backup power, integrated to the fire alarm panel, and conducted initial tests. By Friday morning coverage had been verified and we were ready for inspection.


On time, in budget, beyond expectations: It’s what we do and how we do it.

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