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Federal Office Building

When this Federal Government office complex needed Public Safety communications, Cooper-General got the call.

We call it the Alphabet Building, because it has a lot of TLA’s (three letter acronyms). We still can’t talk much about it, but suffice to say that fingerprints and metal detectors were all part of a day’s work on this large BDA/DAS project.

The prime contractor took advantage of our Parts & Smarts program when they assigned the on-site electrician to work with us to lay conduit and prepare for our installation team.

Cooper-General supplied the design, materials and specialty labor as our engineers and technicians installed and commissioned the system.  This project included a formal Failure Modes and Criticality Anaylsis (FMECA), secure operations, and special run-time provisions.

It was a proud day when we demonstrated the system to the AHJ and obtained their approval for the Feds.

On Time, In Budget, Exceeding Expectations: Cooper-General Delivers

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