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Commercial Parking Garage

This job is a good example of our Optimized Minimal Design process.  “Lighting up” a large structure like this can be very costly, especially when the job is finished out and awaiting final inspection.  In order to save money, expedite the job, and ensure that only fill-in coverage is provided where-needed, we used our advanced iBwave design system to simulate RF performance in the critical areas of the building.

This required surveying the entire structure, determining specific areas of concern, and iterating and optimizing the design.


We created a physical model of the building structure, and then simulated antenna placements and power.

This is an important part of the design process, especially for Public Safety DAS systems, where minimal designs not only save money, they can prevent a DASaster.

This allowed us to change antenna positions to ensure specific areas identified by the Fire Marshal under NFPA-72 were fully covered to 99% reliability.

This prevents redeployment of antennas after installation, avoiding  costly  and time-consuming mistakes that nobody can afford.













City-parking garage.png
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