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RF Survey: Braman BMW

There are many ways to buy a new car in Miami, but none better than Braman Motors.

When their new BMW dealership under construction needed an RF survey to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, Cooper-General was selected by the prime contractor.  When the contractor called on a Friday afternoon, we knew it was going to be a long weekend.

A Cooper-General Engineer met the project manager on Saturday morning. Together they walked the entire facility and recorded radio signal strength measurements using a calibrated test monitor.  Once the initial data acquisition was complete, we calculated the percentage of the building that had adequate Public Safety radio coverage.  While evaluating the data against the criteria set forth in Cooper-General’s Optimized Minimal Design process, the engineer discovered some missing stairwell data, and returned to the site the next day.  Additional data was gathered and double-checked, and our second shift began.

A coverage report was written, describing all tests, and certifying the results. It was ready for the Fire Inspection on Monday, because Certificates of Occupancy can’t wait.

If you need expert assistance to assess your Public Safety radio coverage, Cooper-General is capable and equipped to help you get your certifications.

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