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Located in the Downtown of Miami, this is another set of Melo’s signature twin tower design. This set of two 52-floor towers is connected by a 14-floor parking garage, accommodating all the tenants and visitors.

This project was perfect for Cooper-General; Our company had several other BDA jobs under design and installation.

We convinced the factory to expedite the delivery of the first 5-watt signal booster to be installed in South Florida. With all the other necessary materials already in stock, the Cooper-General Team worked closely with the electrical contractor to survey the site, propose a design, and expedite an order.

Downtown 5Th was still under construction. This project was an ideal oportunity for our Parts & Smarts program. We were able to offer a lower price and expedited delivery. Cooper-General acted as the system designer. Permits were applied for by the existing Low and High-voltage electrical contractors. 

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