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The High Rise building is a set of 36 floors twin towers, with condos looking at the downtown of Miami and Miami Beach.

Big parking garage connects both towers and accommodates all the tenants and visitors.

Miami Plaza

The Melo Construction Group is always finding ways to be bigger and better on every new building. This set of towers came to be very close to their final inspections before TCO with the BDA running without any problems.


Like any big project with BDAs and DAS systems, all the equipment has to be balanced and tested before turning it over to the client. In the case of Miami Plaza. Melody Tower, another of their buildings that has one of our BDAs that we design and install. The challenge to have them not interfere with each other and the City of Miami’s fire and police radios is always there. Fortunately, iBwave was able to do a lot of the math and give the right amount of RF to each antenna, providing the right amount of coverage without compressing the outside world.

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