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MIA Rental Car Center

The Miami International Airport Rental Car Center is a multi-level pooled facility that consolidates the operations of 16 rental car companies in one location. When it came time to add vital police and fire communications, Cooper-General got the call.

Vehicles are washed and refueled at 120 gas pump positions and 42 car wash bays on three vehicle storage levels. The multi-level fueling system is the first of its kind in the United States and the only one to fuel cars above ground.

This was a challenging project that required over 7,000 feet of conduit and cable in a tri-band channelized BDA/DAS system supporting UHF, 700 and 800 MHz coverage.  

With two separate signal boosters coupled to a wide-band DAS comprising 28 antennas through the facility, police and fire public safety communications are now crystal clear.

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