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Palazzo del Sol and
Palazzo Della Luna

Palazzo del Sol and Palazzo Della Luna are located on the beautiful Fisher Island. With a beautiful view of the sea and facing Miami Beach and the Port of Miami. 

These projects are one of the most challenging designs due to the upscaled and luxurious indoor design that could not be interrupted by our indoor antennas and still provide sufficient coverage throughout the building. Thanks to a good conductor signal survey by our team of engineers, a design was put in place using our Parts and Smarts program and teamed up with their electrical contractor. The installation was performed with outstanding results, and the luxurious buildings are looking at their best with no visual signs of a BDA system ever being installed. 


Palazzo del Sol and Pallazzo Della Luna both have radio amplification for both Miami Beach 800MHz frequencies and Miami-Dade County Fire 450MHz frequencies. Fisher Island has a Miami-Dade County Fire station allowing the fire department to be the response team in case of an emergency. And Miami Beach is also amplified because they are located in their jurisdiction. 

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