Miami Dade Criminal Courthouse

  When the Courthouse needed police communications Cooper General got the call.   This was a challenging project, not only due to the high security venue, but more so because of its extensive operations that needed rapid and [...]

The Retaliator

There has been a lot of interest in The Retaliator, Cooper General's interference detection and location annihilator. The Retaliator comes from a precept of the South Florida Wireless Engineering Council.  That group was formed with a [...]

DAS Design Tools

Every DAS designer has a set of virtual tools that s/he uses.  Cooper General has a set of tools we've developed, procured and integrated into our design process.  The design and application of these tools [...]


NFPA-72 is National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code that specifies communications requirements.  Chapter 24 specifies emergency communications systems.  or purposes of BDA/DAS work, Chapter 24 speaks to the application, installation and performance of emergency communications systems.  Minimum required [...]

Introduction To Public Safety BDA/DAS

This article presents an introduction to Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) with respect to Public Safety radio communications.

BDA/DAS Testing Requirements for Public Safety

This article describes the testing requirements for BDA/DAS Systems to meet NFPA-72 Public Safety standards. Chapter 14 specifies testing requirements. To a large degree it is up to the Agency Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) as to [...]