August 7, 2013 — Los Angeles, California

 Bosch Security Systems, Inc.’s TELEX division has announced that it will be demonstrating Cooper-General Corporation’s CAN-bus Gateway at the National APCO show in Anaheim, CA (August 18-21).

 Cooper-General’s CAN Gateway supports the integration of Harris CAN-bus radios on TELEX dispatch consoles. It provides seamless radio ID, emergency signaling, and channel steering and scanning abilities to dispatchers using Harris radios with TELEX C-Soft console networks. P25, EDACS, and OpenSky are all supported on Harris M5300, M7300, Unity mobile and related CAN-bus radios.

 “We’ve been working for years on various dispatch integration projects, and this product was something customers asked for, repeatedly,” says Dan Deveson, Cooper-General’s Engineering Manager.  “It’s rare when customers have such an obvious and common need to be met, and we were fortunate to have great relationships with both TELEX and Harris to get this done,” Deveson adds.  He continues, “This is our third generation Harris/TELEX gateway, and now we can offer custom radio control solutions on limited project budgets, every system integrator’s sweet-spot.  We’re grateful to both TELEX and Harris for this opportunity.”

Larry Benedict, Sr. Product Manager with TELEX, worked with Cooper-General to expedite the development process. “By working with an integrator like Cooper-General, we gain value-added functionality for customers using the TELEX Voice over IP dispatch platform. And because Cooper-General is focused on supporting our dealers directly in the field, everybody wins.”

 TELEX, a division of Bosch Security Systems, Inc., is the world’s leading radio VoIP provider.  Cooper-General is a radio system integrator based in Miami, Florida.

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Larry Benedict
Sr. Product Manager,
Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
TELEX Radio Dispatch



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